Only $99.99* CAD Plus applicable Canadian Taxes 

One spreadsheet,
fully customizable

You can purchase this fully customizable value pricing template in excel, licensed to install on a single computer.  This is the same template that I price every client with and that has been featured in the webinars.  Never stumble on your value pricing again.  Compatible with Windows XP or later Windows versions only.

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Quick Set Up

Set up in a fraction of the time that it would take you to set up a similar spreadsheet from scratch.

Personalized Option

Easily add customized options to suit any pricing situation.


You have the option to purchase an individual training session to quicken your setup and learning time.


Download the spreadsheet now!

Purchase the spreadsheet now, and receive all future version upgrades absolutely free!!

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"I have taken part in several webinars hosted by Cloud Bookkeeping Services and always find something to take away with me. I recently purchased their Value Pricing Template and the first time I tried it I ended up billing 3 times what I would normally and the client paid it within 5 minutes and said it was worth every penny. Thank you, Tanya!"

Linda Chapman, On the Plus Side Bookkeeping Inc.