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  • Inspirational Butt-Kicker

  • Industry Influencer

  • Empowerment Ambassador

  • Thought Leader

  • Speaker

  • Excellent Troubleshooter

  • Innovative Thinker

  • Solutions Oriented

  • Efficiency Expert

  • Objective 

  • Resolutionist


Pre-register your interest here, in team training or individual training sessions.

"Tanya is progressive and liberal in her approach with the potential to resolve problems with broadly relevant solutions.  Her technical skillset and ability to get into minuscule of details without losing sight of the larger picture will make her a treasured asset for any organization. She is a committed technoid with incredible forward-thinking ability. Her instrumental feedback and ingenious approach has contributed immensely in bringing innovation and adding perspective to our product Autoreview. I can easily say she is one of the best in accounting field and our go-to person to make our product, market fit." 

Nihir (Nick) Shah, Co-Founder Autoreview

"If value pricing is something you want to do, or something you're not doing well, book some time with Tanya! No matter what stage you're at, she can help you break things down into manageable parts and get a plan in place. For a long time, I was the bottleneck for my firm, and with a few tweaks from Tanya, I'm now getting proposals out the door much faster." 

Marnie Stretch, CPB, Owner of Accounting Loft

"This consulting service is like no other I've been part of before.  It is completely focused on you and what you want to work with for your business.  If you are looking for a business coach who really cares, Tanya is your person."

Rocio Ritchot, CBP, Owner of Dinero Enterprises

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