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It is my mission to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their very best.  We all have it within us, and sometimes just need a little help in bringing it to the surface.  I am most passionate about the accounting industry, most especially bookkeepers who often don't see their full value.  This passion comes across in the topics I speak on or present.

I have mentored under Ron Baker, Rhondalyn Koralak, and currently, Geni Whitehouse to push boundaries and achieve my very best.

I am a forward thinker, blogger, speaker, presenter, and a part of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network.

I have presented and spoken at many live events for...

  • CPB Canada Ignite

  • QuickBooks Connect

  • Accounting & Finance Show

  • ReceiptBank 


I have also presented and spoken at many virtual events including but not limited to...

  • QuickBooks

  • CPB Canada

  • ReceiptBank

  • Rewind

  • Hubdoc


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